White Glove Service – Design Assistance

Wireless LAN Design Checklist

As part of the ICC White Glove Service program, we are happy to offer no-cost predictive heat map designs.? Answers to the following questions are helpful in the design process.
Design Checklist

  • Are floor plans available? (as detailed as architectural/electrical drawings or as simple as snapshot of floorplan next to fire exit door)
  • Where is the headend (MDF)?
  • What bandwidth is available for the wifi?
  • Are there any IDFs (intermediate data closets)?
  • Drop ceilings? Is there the capability to run cat 5/6 throughout the property?
  • An expectation of where the customer wants the APs installed.? Should the APs be installed in specific rooms?? Will the APs be hidden above the ceiling or exposed?
  • What is the overall construction type between rooms and between floors (cinderblock, drywall, steel between floors, etc)?
  • Are any pictures of the location available? We like as many pictures as possible.
  • Any outdoor APs needed?
  • Address of the location or google earth coordinates if outdoor location.

Contact us for assistance.