ICCN Driving Wireless-as-a-Service (Waas)

Wireless-as-a-Service, or WaaS, is a managed wireless ecosystem option that?s growing in popularity. Most analysts expect a 38% growth rate to over $5 Billion in market revenues by 2012.
Wireless-as-a-Service provides businesses with limited budgets or IT options, the ability to maintain managed, secure, and reliable wireless LANs.? WaaS reduces an organizations need for extensive staff, maintenance, and technology understanding that?s not core to their business requirements.
The growth of WaaS also implies the need for more intelligent network ecosystems (access points, controllers, switches, etc.).? ICC Networking excels with advanced wireless edge computing devices driving software management of mobility environments to a new level.

ICC Networking's Unified Access Device Series Provides Intelligent Wireless in the Age of Internet-of-Things

ICC Networking’s UAD solutions are hyper-intelligent and flexible wireless devices.? Indoor or Outdoor devices can be managed on-premise, remotely, in the cloud, and deployed like a virtual customer premise equipment (vCPE).? The multi-mode nature of these devices adds another layer of capabilities for clients to reduce components in the network.? Combined with a cloud (activeARC or icXmanager) and big data (ICCN Analytics) platform, UADs control connectivity and content to ensure application delivery.
Clients do more with UAD and allow:
More Devices & Better?Performance?in Any Environment at a Lower Cost

  • Mobile & Social, Internet of Things, Machine-to-Machine, Streaming Content

Simplified Management and Network Intelligence through Public or Private Cloud Infrastructures

  • Network Consolidation,?Policy Management,?Monitoring and Control

Learn more about the UAD series options:

Performance and Management

ICCN wireless networks focus on performance and flexibility resulting in solution delivery, client satisfaction, and return-on-investment.
Unified Access Devices are multi-mode wireless units easily changed from basic firewalls, client mode, access point, monitoring node, NAT routing, and DHCP engine with additional features added over time to support future service options.
Unified Whitespace/Wi-Fi solution ensure connectivity across any ecosystem from non-line-of-sight (NLOS) long distance VHF/UHF to medium 5GHz RF and indoor optimized performance.

Content Control and Analysis

Content and Analytics continues to become the new natural resource.? Knowing what and how information can be used is central to WaaS.
Content Control by ICCN starts with patent-pending bandwidth control, IP content and device visibility and multiple levels of policy controls to ensure delivery of data based on IT administrator requirements and service expectations.
Intelligent edge networking is at the core of any WaaS solution offering.? An intelligent edge provides visibility, automatic determination of content and associated policies, and ensure quick adjustments to routing patterns that ensure network stability and client satisfaction.

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