WP6000 Series – Getting Started

To start a web user session the user must log into the WP6000 series switch by confirming the following:

  1. For initial configuration, you may connect directly to the switch once the PC is within the same IP address range as the switch
  2. The switch VLAN1 interface IP address is
  3. The subnet mask is
  • Enter the IP address into the web browser and use the following user/password

User name: admin


??????????????? Note: Upon initial set up from the factory, there is no password so just click

??????????????? ‘ok’ to proceed.? Once in the interface, you must set a password on the unit.

WEB page elements

The graphical user interface (GUI) page is made up of three parts:

  1. Title – Device quick view representation for each port and port status
  2. Navigation Tree – List of configurable features
  3. Main – Configuration and data entry section based on the Navigation selections